Our Inventions

Our research team led by Ram Chella, the CEO & Chief Architect, has invented several patent pending technologies like Deep UV, Laser-Lock, Guaranteed Irradiation, etc. to make efficient and powerful air sanitation solutions for indoor environments.

Dokat Deep UVC Technology

The A.I algorithm covers the entire spectrum of UVC, covering multiple high efficacy disinfecting wavelengths to maximize the germicidal efficacy. Because the spectrum is so broad, it covers multiple peak germicidal wavelengths. It is tested and proven to be 30% higher in disinfecting pathogens than normal UVC devices. 

Dokat Laser Lock technology

Air purifier robots using Laser Lock technology makes robotics navigation efficient and cost effective.

Dokat G.I

Guaranteed Irradiation assures a guaranteed performance of the sanitation process/units. Our G.I technology provide Guaranteed Irradiation by measuring the dosage, intensity and wavelength of the UV bulb to ensure the irradiation happens as intended to eliminate the pathogens. The A.I module provides enables auto tuning for the optimal dosage, intensity and wavelength for best results.

The DOKAT research team has multiple patents to their credit. The team has worked dedicatedly to clear stringent safety and quality measures successfully.

We have met international regulatory standards and obtained ISO 9000:2015, European CE (conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards) and FCC (US standard for electronic products), COC (Certificate of Conformity - Middle East) certifications.