Centralized Sanitation Units for Buildings

Our Deep UV + Ion duct devices are designed exclusively for centralized air handling units (AHU) or HVAC duct systems for commercial and domestic indoor buildings with sophisticated IOT features

The specifications can be customized based on the operating environments and needs based on the airflow and pollution level in the building.

Sterilize – Purify – Deodorize : 1 device for all your indoor air sanitation needs.

The best way to maintain healthy indoor air quality.


Easy to install - Low Maintenance - Safe to Use


World's Intelligent Air Duct Purifier with A.I & IOT Features

  • Centralized operation settings
  • Timer settings
  • Flow based intensity control
  • Flow based dosage
  • Intensity conformity
  • Wavelength conformity
  • Custom programmable software
  • Seasonal adjustments
  • Environmental & Incident trigger controls
Dokat HVAC Duct – In Operation
Continuous Indoor Air sanitation 24 hrs. a day

Deep UV covers multiple peak germicidal wavelengths, so the disinfection is maximum with single pass of air. It kills and eliminates 99.9% of the disease-causing pathogens faster and better than any other devices in the market.

The combined power of negative Ions help eliminating the pollutants from the Indoor Air including Allergens, VOCs, dust, smoke, foul odor. 

Our units also help to eliminate existing mold, mildew in the indoors. Prevents the micro-organisms to grow again and spread in the air.

Reduces the risk of airborne infections, allergies, respiratory problems and other long-term health problems caused by mold, mildew.

Our Products Sterilize, Deodorize and purifies the Indoor air in your buildings and gives you germ free clean air to breath 24 hours a day. Our devices do the heavy lifting in continuously sanitizing your Indoors without disturbing you. Our devices are Ozone Free and the UV will be placed inside the HVAC duct so there is no UV leak. Our devices are dangerous to germs and safe to humans. 

DOKAT Air Duct units help configuring a centralized air sanitation for your indoors as it goes inside the HVAC Duct as part of building management system, you do not have to worry about spot sanitation. 

Our Ducts are customizable to suit users operating environments and needs. Our single Deep UV bulb power ranges from 26W to 60W and we can also get it customized for you.