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Apart from our off the shelve A.I. Air purifiers, we also offer custom air sanitation solutions based on the customer’s operating environments and needs to eliminate pathogens, pollutants and foul odors from the indoor air.

Our devices are simple in design and sound in technology offering hyper local air sanitation to HVAC sanitation additions.
They can be used as,
  • Spot Units
  • Wall Mounted
  • HVAC Ad-ons
We offer various customized solutions to B2B, Whitelabling, Corporate & Industrial orders with or without proprietary technologies based on customer needs & orders.


We offer custom technical and product specification changes with our products to best suit the customer needs.


For your branding, servicing and advertisement needs, we offer whitelabeling serivces on our existing products


We can cater to corporate and industrial orders of any scale as per your requirements


We offer business to business sales for your target markets including Healthcare, Building Management systems, Facilities management, Janitorial services etc


Distributors are welcome to sell our products under our certified distribution channel to their target customers


We offer licensing contracts for our inventions and proprietary technologies to qualifying organizations

HVAC Ad-ons

We provide HVAC Ad-ons to cater to the indoor sanitation needs of new and existing HVAC installations.

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