Dokat Air Purifiers - Best Filter-less smart Air Purifiers 

Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection is getting a lot of attention during the current COVID-19 pandemic situation because of its proven ability to kill pathogens like viruses and bacteria.

There are many UV based disinfecting products popping up in the market. How to identify the right product for your safety needs? To help you make the right decision, we are presenting you with details behind UV irradiation technology. 


 DOKAT Deep UV + Ion - Double Power Disinfection


Simple in design Sound in Technology


We offer the best Filter Less Air sanitation technology combining the disinfecting power of Deep UV & Negative Ions.

When the Deep UV targets and eliminates all infectious disease causing pathogens (Bacteria, Virus, Fungus, Molds, etc), Ionization technology eliminates harmful pollutants (Dust, Pollen, smoke, foul odor & VOC) from the indoor air.

This results in maximum sanitation, eliminating pathogens and pollutants from the indoor air faster & better. 



Comparison Normal Air Purifiers Vs Dokat Air Purifier


Normal Air Purifier

DOKAT Air Purifier

Filters dust and pollutants in the air. Does not kill germs.

Kills 99.9% all kinds of airborne pathogens like bacteria, virus, fungus, molds and allergens

Protects from dust allergies, do not protect against airborne infections.

Medical grade air sterilization, protects from airborne infections.

Weak in pathogen elimination. 

Double powered disinfection – combined excellence of Deep UV & Ion

Needs frequent filter replacement. High Maintenance.

Filter less design, no filter replacement needed. Low Maintenance.

Leaves behind organic dust.

Does not leave organic dust.

Does not remove Volatile Organic Components (VOCs)

Removes Volatile Organic Components.

Not effective against odor

Eliminates Odor from Indoor Air



Technology Explained

G.I – We provide Guaranteed Irradiation by measuring the dosage, intensity and wavelength of the UV bulb to ensure the irradiation happens as intended to eliminate the pathogens.

Deep UV – Offers the peak germicidal efficacy of the UVC Spectrum. It breaks the DNA & RNA of the pathogens and eliminates the threat of inhaling germs in the air.

Ionizer – The negative Ions generated are added to the disinfected air comes out of the device to help removing pollutants and harmful VOC from the indoor air.

Unique Chamber – Our uniquely designed inner chamber maintains optimal air flow and air retention for maximum disinfection in single air pass. It also seals the UV light inside completely, so there is NO leak.

Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation

Ultraviolet light spectrum has multiple wavelength ranges. Not all of them have germicidal properties.


UV-C or Germicidal UV

UV-C, also known as germicidal UV, includes wavelengths from 200 to 280 nm. It is effective at destroying and deactivating pathogens. 

UVGI (Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) Technology is already being used in hospitals to disinfect contaminated surfaces and facilities like surgical rooms for many years. It is also used in water purification processes and equipments. 

Given the current need to sanitize space and air than ever before, UVGI is widely considered an option to keep the indoors germs free. 

Ultraviolet radiation can be used for sterilization because it can kill microscopic organisms like bacteria and viruses, according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) guideline for health care facilities. It has also been used to disinfect drinking water, air and contact lenses.

Currently the UV Germicidal irradiation is used by several medical institutions across the world to disinfect the N95 masks that are used by the healthcare professionals and Covid positive patients.

Ultraviolet light is an efficient, proven, and effective technology for eliminating viruses, including SARS-CoV-2 that causes COVID-19.

UVC technology is being used in Metro Trains in countries around the world to disinfect entire trains.

UVC lamps and robots are commonly used to sanitize water, objects such as laboratory equipment, and spaces such as buses and airplanes.

UV disinfection has generated great interest from the public, thanks to all the promising research in the space.

However there are 2 issues with using these UVC lamps directly

  1. They are not supposed to be used when humans are present, since the direct exposure of UV radiation is harmful.

  2. The germicidal properties of UV-C are at their peak at different wavelengths. Normal UV-C based germicidal devices use a single wavelength of UV-C. So, any pathogen that has resistance to the particular wavelength could still survive after the sanitization process is complete.

Dokat Deep UVC Technology

To overcome these problems and provide a broader coverage of sanitation, we have invented a technology called ‘Deep UV-C’. 

The A.I algorithm covers the entire spectrum of UVC and maximizes the germicidal efficacy. Because the spectrum is so broad, it covers multiple highly efficient germicidal wavelengths. 

It is tested and proven to be 30% higher in disinfecting pathogens than normal UVC devices. 

Dokat Deep UVC kills most viruses, bacteria, fungus, molds, algae and other pathogens that normal UV-C bulbs fail to kill. This makes our Dokat Air a unique product in the market and the right choice of UVC germicidal device for you. 

Our Dokat Air sanitizes 1000 cubic ft of air within 15 minutes. 

Is it safe to use Dokat Air in human presence?

Absolutely. Our UV chamber is completely enclosed like UV based water purifiers and it is safe to be used in human presence. The air gets sanitized as it circulates through the enclosed chamber.  It is 100% UV leak protected. Certified by accredited third party laboratories. 

DOKAT Air Purification Chamber

Our novel design treats the Indoor air inside and outside of the device. Infected air is sucked inside the Dokat air purifier for Deep UV treatment to kill germs, at the same time Negative Ions generated from the device attack the pollutants outside the device and neutralize them. 

This results in maximum sanitation eliminating pathogens and pollutants from the indoor air faster & better. 


Tested Excellence - Safety and Efficacy of our products are tested and certified by third party laboratories.

Airborne infections are more dangerous that we think. So many human lives are lost to deadly airborne diseases every year worldwide.

Prevention is better than cure. Dokat Air purifiers reduce the risk of disease causing pathogens and VOCs spreading in the air.  

Dokat Air purifiers sanitizes indoor air from all these deadly disease-causing germs for your family and businesses.

The efficacy and safety of Dokat Air purifiers are tested and certified by third party accredited laboratories.